This Week in Boxing

Many folks are saying that the Antonio Margarito vs. Miguel Cotto fight was a classic. I disagree, this bout reminded me of Diego Corrales vs. Acelino Freitas. Where Freitas came out the gate moving and pop shotting Chico, only to have Chico patiently walk down Popo and finally stopping him in the later rounds. That my friend, is not a classic.

Felix Trinidad vs. Fernando Vargas is a classic, where Vargas gets dropped twice in the first round but managed to get back into the fight by dropping Tito. Diego Corrales vs. Jose Luis Castillo is a classic as both fighters hurt each other numerous times before the dramatic ending (if you dont know the ending… shame, shame, shame). Julio Cesar Chavez vs. Meldrick Taylor I on the ending alone qualifies it for a classic (again, if you don’t know the ending…for shame). See, in the above mentioned fight both fighters were hurt and the tides turned on many ocassions.

If Margarito vs. Cotto is a classic then Ricky Hatton vs. Kostya Tszyu, and Nate Campbell vs. Juan Diaz are classics.

The way folks were talking about Cotto vs. Mayweather, Cotto vs. De La Hoya, weeks before the Margarito fight you definitely can all it an upset.

Zab Judah vs. Joshua Clottey
I dont know, the last time I seen Zab focused was when he fought Corey Spinks the second time. I believe this once talented pugilist has been regulated to Oba Carr status. Yes, the mighty Gate Keeper. What’s sad is Zab was once toted as Sweet Pea with Power. That aint right.

As for Joshua Clottey, I noticed that either he’s offensive or defensive meaning if you’re punching, the chances of him punching back are slim, he’s too busy blocking and/or parrying. A certain fighter can outwork him with ease by keeping him in his shell by punching and working the clock.

King Margarito
Ladies and Gentlemen, the 147 division is officially sewn up. The King (Margarito)has arrived and until them young bucks pay their dues to get to the top. There is no competition except for the lone Paul Williams. If they were ducking Margarito before when he only held the WBO belt prepare for a mass exodus to 140 and 154.

Take away the King and there are fights aplenty. Cotto vs. Cintron, Williams, Quintana II, Clottey or Cintron vs. Clottey, Williams, Quintana etc. (just mix and match). Throw Shane, Mayorga in the mix for additional fun.

Notice how I didnt mention the Golden Boy? Hehe



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