Good Ol’ Cassie…

Aaah Cassie, a breath of fresh air. Cassie is one of the few models who actually shows up on time. Yeah, you gots to get tough on these ladies. They act like they are doing you a favor, as if they are not getting PAID to work. I bet you guys thought this stuff was easy huh? Anyways, this is the 5th time I shot Cassie. I was introduced to this big booty young lady by way of ChocolateModels very own recruiter and I believe she still has the roundest, (all natural) butt they sent my way. So, of course we welcome her with open arms when she calls and besides Cassie is good peoples. There’s an innocence about her persona and a dab of silliness that always makes for a good shoot. Basically she’s the type of model that you can innocently flirt and joke with while shooting. Some ladies stay in serious mode (YAWN), all quiet and stuff (Double YAWN), not good ol’ on time Cassie. Give Cassie some heels and get your shooting finger ready because it’s smooth sailing from there. A little direction on posing and the rest is gravy. Point a vid camera at her bum and prepare for the wooble wooble! It doesnt really get any better than that.

This shoot was done very late at night. One of them after work shoots (Yes, I do have a day job). This was weird because I usually shoot Cassie in the day time. Funny thing is, I thought she had a curfew from shooting her so early while the sun was still up. Even after acknowleding all this and the fact that Cassie is a grown woman, I sped up the shoot so I wouldnt have her out too late. Yeah, Im a good guy… for good peoples. We did a 3 outfitter quitter shoot, which is rare these days at the CLUBBUTTS laboratory. We got some decent video footage and even did some under the covers shooting (the new style). I think Cassie like that. Afterwards, gave her a hug, said goodbye to her butt (literally) and her, then placed her in a cab. Don’t fret though, she’ll be back with her big butt self. Good ol’ Cassie.



2 Responses to “Good Ol’ Cassie…”

  1. Some Loser Who Watches UVP Videos in His Spare Time Says:

    Wow, this chick’s ass is phenomenal!! I just got a couple of her videos over at!

  2. It’s funny, I actually used to see her at this Strip Club she used to work at. Was actually one of the coolest dancers there if not the coolest. I totally can understand the vibe of the shoot.

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