Mrs. Hustle

Mrs. Hustle aka Secret. All I know is this young lady bum is the truth. Her ass is so mean, I had to put out an A.P.B. (All Point Bulletin) out on her booty. For real, a Straight BOLO (Be On the Look Out) on that butt. Now, I don’t know who found her but I sincerely thank them because maybe three weeks ago, Secret dailed the CLUBBUTTS’ Hotline leaving us with her new number.

We didnt waste too much time inviting her back to the studio, we didnt want her to get lost again. We played phone tag for a second, which led to a little confusion (I’m trying to learn a new phone)and a few delays. We both exercised patience, waited a week and tried again. Sometimes that extra week works wonders. See, Secret is running every which-a-away hence the Mrs. Hustle tag promoting her event (see below) she managed to come check a brother in betweens her hustle. We put the Flash to her ass, got some footage and asked her if she would do a boy girl scene. Let’s say she didnt say yes… but she didnt say no either. Stay tuned for that.

(Note my scans suck and I added the cb logo)


One Response to “Mrs. Hustle”

  1. Some Loser Who Watches UVP Videos in His Spare Time Says:

    Secret, I ❤ u! Please do more UVP Dancer videos!!

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