Clubbutts begins Year FIVE!

As CLUBBUTTS enters it’s 5th year online and we add our 100th model, we would like to thank those who supported us and exercised patience upon this long journey of ours. From our very first model China Red (Model 1) and our learning and understanding html to LaBelle Anjel (Model 100)and the work on a very overdue dvd series. From Buck of Buck Brothers fame shooting Mina Scarlett and DJ Bobby Luv (first XXX scene for CLUBBUTTS) to Honey and our very own Woodrow Wilson improvisation (first GhettoCinemaXXX scene).

Obviously, we are still learning and still growing and with all due respect, I sincerely don’t see any slowing down anytime soon. So, again I would like to thank everyone who ever signed up for membership and everyone who told someone about that “little site” that could compete with them BIG Boys! We’re still here.



3 Responses to “Clubbutts begins Year FIVE!”


  2. man, do yall got a teaser vid for the xxx scene q45 did? I’ll join just for that, q45 is tha shit!

  3. Congrats my dog yall site is real nice I injoy it

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