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Clubbutts begins Year FIVE!

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As CLUBBUTTS enters it’s 5th year online and we add our 100th model, we would like to thank those who supported us and exercised patience upon this long journey of ours. From our very first model China Red (Model 1) and our learning and understanding html to LaBelle Anjel (Model 100)and the work on a very overdue dvd series. From Buck of Buck Brothers fame shooting Mina Scarlett and DJ Bobby Luv (first XXX scene for CLUBBUTTS) to Honey and our very own Woodrow Wilson improvisation (first GhettoCinemaXXX scene).

Obviously, we are still learning and still growing and with all due respect, I sincerely don’t see any slowing down anytime soon. So, again I would like to thank everyone who ever signed up for membership and everyone who told someone about that “little site” that could compete with them BIG Boys! We’re still here.



More Shea Pictures…

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Saying Goodbye to Shea…

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In all honesty, I never been to Shea Stadium before. Understand, I’m a Bronx boy through and through so let it be known I attempted to buy a Yankee ticket first! Shit, I almost did. Fortunately I didnt press the PAY button because it was for the Angel game on the west coast (Ticketmaster needs to work on their site..LOL) Imagine paying 20 dollars for a ticket and $300 for a plane ticket not mentioning the hotel stay. Anywho after giving up on them New York Yankees tickets… assuming they were all sold out, I went for the New York Mets’ Shea Stadium and purchased a $10 ticket! I had no idea tickets were that low.. seriously. Think about it a New York Yankee brew costs more than my Shea ticket did. I’m kidding.

Of course the tickets were nose bleeders, all the way up in the orange section but from here you can see all! You can take in all of Shea for all it’s worth. I mean Tom Seaver, Ed Kranepool, Rusty Staub, Doc Gooden, Darryl Strawberry, Gary Carter, Mike Piazza etc. all called Shea home at one time or another. Yeah, it’s not Yankee Stadium but come on this is Queens… it’s the METS. They deserve to be honored too.

So, CLUBBUTTS honored the Mets and Shea Stadium on September 25th as they played the Chicago Cubs… in the rain. Yeah, it was cloudy all day, I initally thought it would be rained out and I was ready to take a lost but the rain never came. Yeah, it waited for me to get to Shea for that. Arriving at Shea by the bottom of the 3rd, the drizzle showed up soon after. Pedro Martinez striking Cubs out (a season high 9K’s)and pitching for the season (They done fucked up AGAIN and they can’t blame Willie Randolph this time), tying the game up 3-3 in the 4th. Falling behind 6-3 after Pedro exits. Soon that drizzle becomes nice steady light rain. That means it’s time for me to upgrade my seat! Fortunately the Mets tied it up again by the 8th and winning the game in the bottom of the 9th as Beltran bats in the winning run. A very exciting game with a great ending.. this night.

The L.I.S.T. (Life Is Short Tour) continues.


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Old Schooler MERK CAC stops by the Clubbutts laboratory showing all why he’s the PIC King!

This Week In Boxing…

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This wasn’t supposed to happened

England’s own Amir Khan (2004 Silver medallist Olympiad)(18-1 15KOs) highly touted prospect catches a headache courtesy of Columbia’s own Breidis Prescott (20-0 18KOs).

Upset of the year? Most Likely.

Neither was this…

The very capable but smaller Juan Manuel Marquez (Pacquaio’s nemesis) stops 140lb KING Joel Casamayor. What’s amazing about this ass kicking is.. Casamayor having no excuses. “I fought like a real champ but Marquez was the best tonight. He knew how to control my punches,” the former lightweight champ said. GASP!

Everyone loves an UPSET!

Tilting it!

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My new phone the TILT, my old jamonit* was the Treo. Hey, the Iphone came in 2nd but 2nd doesnt count, right? Anyways, it’s been a week so far and I’m still like… HUH? Missing calls left and right because the phone is off when I think it’s on. Havent figured the internet part yet. Hey, I’m a busy dude (I’m campaigning for a 28 hour day), hopefully I will figure this phone out before it’s time for me to upgrade for a new jammy until then be patient. I’ll call ya, I swear.


Jamonit* (jam-on-it)[taken form the old school term jammie/jammy] N. 1- joint, an object, a thing, 2- a gun, weapon etc.

Mrs. Hustle

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Mrs. Hustle aka Secret. All I know is this young lady bum is the truth. Her ass is so mean, I had to put out an A.P.B. (All Point Bulletin) out on her booty. For real, a Straight BOLO (Be On the Look Out) on that butt. Now, I don’t know who found her but I sincerely thank them because maybe three weeks ago, Secret dailed the CLUBBUTTS’ Hotline leaving us with her new number.

We didnt waste too much time inviting her back to the studio, we didnt want her to get lost again. We played phone tag for a second, which led to a little confusion (I’m trying to learn a new phone)and a few delays. We both exercised patience, waited a week and tried again. Sometimes that extra week works wonders. See, Secret is running every which-a-away hence the Mrs. Hustle tag promoting her event (see below) she managed to come check a brother in betweens her hustle. We put the Flash to her ass, got some footage and asked her if she would do a boy girl scene. Let’s say she didnt say yes… but she didnt say no either. Stay tuned for that.

(Note my scans suck and I added the cb logo)